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Achatina, giant snail
ants, harvester
ants, honeypot
ants, leaf cutter
ants, of rainforest
army ants, of rainforest
beetles, darkling
beetles, dung
beetles, of Namib desert
beetles, of rainforest
beetles, tenebrionid
bot flies, of rainforest
Buceros rhinoceros silvestris
bugs, rainforest
butterflies, rainforest
centipedes and millipedes
centipedes, rainforest
cockroach, desert
cockroach, rainforest
elytra, of beetles
flies, in rainforests
fungus garden, of leaf cutter ants
harlequin beetle
heliconid butterflies
invertebrate animals, in the desert
ithomid butterflies
locust, desert
locust, rainforest
midges, rainforest
millipedes, rainforest
morphid butterflies, rainforest
moth, Pronuba
mussel, orange-footed pearly
mussel, zebra
mussels, freshwater, endangered
orb weaver, spider
phasmids, rainforest
pigtoe, rough
rain worms
rhinoceros beetle, rainforest
Scolopendra, centipede
scorpions, whip
slugs, rainforest
snail, Iowa Pleistocene
snails, rainforest
spiders, desert tarantula
spiders, of rainforest
spiders, wandering
spiders, web building
spiders, wolf
starfish, crown of thorns
stick insect
tarantula, bird-eating
tsetse fly, rainforest
wasp, tarantula hawk