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animals, in captivity
biodiversity, and rainforests
boreal forest
boreal forest, destruction of
California Coast Highway, and least tern
California Desert Protection Act
canyons, microclimate
carbon dioxide, and greenhouse effect
Center for Ecosystem Survival
chaparral, destruction of
CITES, appendices
clear cutting
climate, of African regions
climate, of rainforests
coastal rainforest, temperate
collection and hunting of wildlife
conservation, of African mammals
desert and scrub, habitat
deserts, African
douglas fir forest
drugs, from rainforest plants
Dust Bowl
ecological balance, and African mammals
egg shell thinning, and DDT
endangered desert life
endangered, definition of
evaporation and rainfall cycle
Exxon Valdez
Flash floods
forest floor
grassland, habitat
greenhouse effect
habitats or individual species, saving
habitats, destruction of
International Fund for Animal Welfare
island, habitat
islands, evolution of wildlife
Klamath forest
logging, and forest destruction
logging, selective
mahogany trees, in Philippines
Mediterreanean vegetation
melting, of polar ice caps
monsoon forests
mountain, habitat
Oases, crops in
Oases, River Nile
ocean, habitat
polar, habitat
pollution, and habitat destruction
pollution, from oil extraction
population growh, in rainforest areas
prairie, habitat
Prince William Sound
rainforest, cloud
rainforest, habitat
rainforest, layers of
rainforest, mangrove
rainforest, montane
rainforest, soil
rainforest, temperate
rainforest, threats to
rainforests, lowland
rainforests, pressures on
rainforests, semi-deciduous
redwood forest
Sand dunes, ecology of
savanna, grass
savanna, Guinea
savanna, habitat
savanna, Sudan
saving endangered animals, what you can do
Silent Spring
steppes, habitat
sustainable resources
sustainable resources, and Amazon Indians
veld, habitat
wetlands, habitat
Wolong reserve
woodland, habitat
Yellowstone National Park