World of Reptiles ... Introduction ... The diversity of reptiles
Because of their unusual and sometimes alien appearance, reptiles have fascinated mankind for many centuries. The name reptile originally comes from the Latin word ‘reptum’ meaning ‘creep’. The study of reptiles is called herpetology, from the greek word ‘herpeton’ or reptile.

Reptiles include lizards, like this skink (1), as well as turtles (3), crocodilians (2), and snakes (4). In this Nature Explorer volume you’ll learn about the differences between the various groups of reptiles, as well as how reptiles evolved and how they differ from other groups of animals.

Some reptiles like the crocodiles and alligators have been hunted for their skins. Others, like the iguanas, are hunted for food. We all share a responsibility for the conservation of life on our planet, and by learning about reptiles, we hope that you will appreciate the diversity and color that they bring to our planet.

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