Vol 4 The Rainforest ... Introduction ... Lowland rainforest
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Lowland rainforest

There may be 15,000 different animal and plant species in a single acre of lowland rainforest.
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Scientists have identified more than 40 types of lowland rainforest. They cover a greater land area than other types of rainforest, the two largest regions being in Africa and South America. These forests are found at altitudes of under 1,000 ft, although in Amazonia some forests below 6,000 ft are also called 'lowland rainforests'.

Some lowland rainforests contain swamp forests. Life is so abundant in lowland rainforests that a single acre may hold as many as 15,000 separate plant and animal species. Trees in lowland rainforests can grow to heights of 150 ft or more which are often supported by enormous buttress roots.