Natural History of Yellowstone ... Introduction ... Setting the scene
Exploding geysers, herds of bison, grizzly bears and spectacular scenery – nature comes alive in the Yellowstone ecosystem!

Large and small mammals abound in the expansive forest, meadows, and grasslands. The remains of a huge volcano form a plateau at the heart of the ecosystem.

Boiling water shooting into the sky and bubbling churning mudpots give life to geology. The country tells a story of ice ages, volcanos, and ancient life on the land and in the seas of the past.

The world's first national park protected this natural tapestry before man could settle and alter it. Yellowstone is a unique place to study the interactions in nature's web. The park can be used as a benchmark to monitor our impact on the world we live in, and the Yellowstone ecosystem's beauty and peace offers us a place to find harmony with ourselves.

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