Vol 8 Natural History of Yellowstone ... Introduction ... The nature of Yellowstone
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The nature of Yellowstone

Yellowstone has the largest concentration of free-roaming wildlife in all the US States except for Alaska!
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There are approximately 58 species of mammal, 290 species of birds, 18 species of fish and 10 reptile and amphibian species.

Yellowstone is also home to over 1,000 species of native flowering plants and 8 species of conifer. Most of the forest is however made up of one tree species – the lodgepole pine.

The most famous Yellowstone mammals are probably the bison and the bear. There are three separate herds of bison in Yellowstone, numbering around 3,500 animals. There are around 1000 bears in Yellowstone – the black bear and its larger and rarer cousin the grizzly bear.

Other important land animals found in Yellowstone are the pronghorn, mule deer, moose and the newly re-introduced gray wolf. Yellowstone’s bird population includes predators like the bald eagle, osprey, red-tailed hawk and peregrine falcon as well as ducks, swans, heron and cranes. All these species and many others are described in the chapters of this volume.