Vol 3 Mammals of Africa ... Introduction ... Why study African mammals?
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Why study African mammals?

15 of the 21 known orders of mammals are found in Africa!
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The African continent is home to an enormous range of mammal life, in habitats ranging from the hot and dry Sahara desert in the north through the moist rainforests of the equatorial Congo to the vast plains of the south central regions. Africa offers examples of most of the world's habitat types, excluding only the cold wastelands of the far north, and the icy plains of Antarctica

Because Africa's areas is so vast, and offers such a wide range of habitats, most of the different types of mammals can be seen in Africa - the exceptions are the bears, racoons, marsupials and most forms of edentate - so-called 'toothless mammals' like the anteaters, sloths and armadillos. In fact, of the 21 main groups or orders of mammals, three are sea-dwelling, and of the remainder the only orders not represented in Africa are the marsupials, tree shrews and flying lemurs.

This volume covers most of the different orders of mammals seen in Africa, and information is also given on the distribution of the major mammal families not seen in Africa.