Vol 5 Life in the Desert ... Introduction ... High pressure zones
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High pressure zones

Deserts are found to the north and south of the rainforests around the equator. These rainforests actually help create the deserts!
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Deserts which lie to the north and south of the equatorial rain forests are dry because of an atmospheric effect called the ‘Hadley cell’. The Hadley cell is caused because of rising hot air at the equator which creates low pressure zones at the Earth’s surface. Moisture-laden air is pulled into these zones creating humid, wet areas in which the tropical rainforests flourish.

The rising hot air moves away from the equator and falls as it cools. The falling air becomes drier and creates zones of high pressure. These high pressure areas prevent incursion of moist air, and the land is dry and arid. Deserts caused by high pressure zones are found in Africa and Australia.