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Endangered species lists

You can search the endangered species database directly on the Internet.
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If you are in the USA, the endangered species list probably means the US Fish and Wildlife Service ‘Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants’ booklet, which is updated on a regular basis.

Outside of the US, the master list is the IUCN (World Conservation Union) list – often referred to as the ‘Red Book’. This list is based on the recommendations of a world network of experts, and is reviewed every two years. The 1996 version can be accessed on-line from the 'Data' chapter of this NatureExplorer guide.

Both UFFWS and IUCN lists overlap. The US list is very strong on North American species, but is weaker on the other parts of the world. The IUCN list is strong on less developed world regions but has less information on US species. One of the problems with the USFWS list is that the US listing process is very lengthy because of the legal implications – if a species is listed it may affect construction and development of certain areas where that species lives.

You can obtain a copy of the USFWS list from your local US Fish and Wildlife Service office. The IUCN list can be obtained from Island Press in the USA (call 1-800-828-1302), or from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in the UK (call 01223 277314).

The US Fish and Wildlife Service Internet pages give a host of detailed information on North American species