Vol 7 Animals in Danger ... Introduction ... Some definitions
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Some definitions

Extinct, endangered, vulnerable and threatened all mean different things!
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Many species of animal are in danger. Some are close to extinction and are termed ‘endangered species’.

extinct species is usually taken to be one that has not been seen in the wild for fifty years.

Endangered species are those which are likely to die out if steps are not taken to improve their survival possibilities. This group also includes animals which have been seen in the wild in the past 50 years, but may already be extinct.

Vulnerable animals may be endangered in some areas where they live, or may be subject to pressures that make it likely that the population will drastically fall.

Rare animals live in small populations which may not currently be threatened or endangered. The small populations of such animals puts them at risk.

Other groupings include
indeterminate – where there is simply not enough data to say whether an animal is endangered, vulnerable or rare – and out of danger, meaning that effective conservation measures have been taken or the previous threat to the animal’s survival has been removed.