Vol 7 Animals in Danger ... Introduction ... What do we have to lose?
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What do we have to lose?

Animals and their habitats may provide the cure for many human diseases.
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In today’s technology-centered world of televisions, cars and computers it is easy to believe that we have complete control over our planet. If we have a problem, we turn to science for a solution: how to bring water to the deserts, to cure disease or to find new ways to generate power for our needs.

But the world’s resources are not limitless, and are related in ways that we are only just beginning to understand. If a farmer chops down a forest of trees to make way for crops, the animals and plants that lived and grew in the forest may not adapt to the new vegetation and those that do adapt may be shot or poisoned as pests. The balance of gases in our atmosphere is largely a result of the energy exchanges that go on in plants, and destruction of a forest affects this balance, leading to problems such as global warming.

Many drugs used in medicine were first discovered as chemicals in plants of the tropical rainforests. If the rainforests are destroyed, this medical treasurehouse will be lost forever. Study of exotic animals and plants provides valuable lessons of biology, as well as being a source of natural wonder for children and adults of all ages in wildlife parks and in their natural surroundings.